2016 Blue River 50/50 match grant

Extra $100.00 off your project from the Town of Blue River if you sign up by the May 1st 2016 deadline

Beetlekill Tree Guys has been helping homeowners and towns apply for available Hazardous Fuel Reduction Grants through the Summit County Wildfire Council for the past four years. Call us today to see if your property is eligible for a 50/50 match grant. FREE ESTIMATES.

How the grant works?

  • First call, email (please include name, address, email, and phone number), or sign up here (Click the “Request an Estimate” button) for this years Blue River Grant.
  • Next I will come out to your property and give you a free defensible space evaluation.
  • Then if you are happy with the bid I provide you, I put you on the list for this years grant and have you sign a contract. The contract is contingent to us receiving the 50/50 match grant. If we do not receive the grant you do not have to move forward with the defensible space on your property unless you would like to pay the full price. However if we do receive the grant and you signed the contract you are committed to moving forward with the defensible space.
  • Once I have my list of people who are signed up for the grant, The Town of Blue River and I will put in the grant application.
  • Every property that signs up must also sign a noxious weed compliance form. Weed Compliance Form
  • We should hear back from The Summit County Wildfire Council by mid June to see if we receive the grant.
  • Once we receive the grant we will start working on properties throughout the 2016 season – May through November.
  • Once we complete the work on your property I will send you an invoice.
  • The more properties that sign up the more likely we are to getting the grant so tell your neighbors and friends in Blue River.
  • Last but not least, we’re all happy that we are able to create defensible space and protect homes around Blue River for less than half the cost.